Patriot Launches EP and LX microSD Cards With A1-Rating

Patriot, a brand known for their SSDs, gaming peripherals and flash storage solutions today announced the immediate availability of its new series of microSD memory cards. With most items today designed to use microSD memory cards from smartphones, tablets, action cams, DV cams to dash cams and even drones you name it, they all use microSD cards for massive DATA storage and the option to upgrade by just replacing the card.

Patriot Launches New EP And LX Micro SD Cards with Speeds Of Up to 100MB/s Writes

Even some domestic surveillance cameras have started to record directly to microSD cards giving owners an easy way to archive footage as a raw data stream. Recording and storing high-quality video and photos depend on three things, speed and capacity and reliability.

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These cards could be a good option for those looking to pop into a smartphone or handheld gaming console for extra storage which is something I know I've done in the past.

These cards offer minimum write speed up to 30MB per second, which supports 4K Ultra HD video recording and is a minimum for many of the latest action cameras, DV cams and drones. In addition, smartphones benefit from the EP series to write high-resolution videos and images with little to no lag. The series offers capacities from 64GB to 256GB, and its read and write speeds are up to 100/ 80MB per second, Patriot EP series microSD cards are perfect for recording the fast-paced action and capturing Full HD and 4K Ultra HD videos smoothly. Whether it be these in drone cams, dash cams, smartphones, tablets for 4K ultra HD video capturing cards work equally as well.

Users install more and more apps on their smartphones or tablets and the read and write speed is the key to how the apps perform. Patriot LX series microSD cards come equipped with an A1 App Classification rating and support the 1080P Full HD. The A1 spec also allows users to open apps, process accompanying tasks and clean up space on devices with ease. V10 Video Speed Class for full HD recording and read speeds up to 90MB/s keep devices running fast and smoothly. The LX A1-rated microSD card is the excellent addition to Android phones or tablets.

Pricing And Availability

Patriot EP series and LX series microSD cards have launched with a number of capacity options. Available capacities include 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. Patriot's limited lifetime warranty backs Patriot EP and LX series microSD cards.

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