Paracosm Shows a Novel Way to Use GPU’s at NVIDIA’s Show & Tell 2015

GPU’s have a tremendous amount of potential in a lot of different industries, not just the gaming scene. Obviously NVIDIA’s GTC is proof of the ever rising popularity and demand for GPU computing. They’re just so darn useful! A lot of startup companies are taking notice of the computational prowess and bang for the buck that the GPU can offer in terms of getting highly parallel work done. And five such companies presented their awesome ventures at GTC as well.

Five startup companies presented their rather interesting ideas during GTC at NVIDIA’s Show & Tell as part of their Emerging Companies Summit for a chance to win prize money.

You can really use GPU’s in novel ways due to how they are designed to handle parallel operations at blistering speeds. The five companies that presented onstage at the Emerging Companies Summit represented a large range of industries, robotics, cloud computing, machine learning, automotive and even big data.

One of the most interesting ideas is to use GPU’s to process data gathered by 3D sensors in order map out areas like your home. Paracosm has developed a middleware software that can use commercially available 3D sensors like the Kinect, Google’s Tango or any PrimeSense or Intel RealSense 3D compatible cameras to map out a given space.

You could use this in any number of ways, for aerial mapping projects or maybe even planning renovations to even helping build a virtual world featuring your very own house. Just imagine having your very own private mapping data using your own kit deployed on your bike a you ride to your favorite places around town. Or making a 3D real-time rendered map that can be used by Alzheimer's patients to help direct them to where they're going.

The potential is really limitless and it could even conceivably be used in conjunction with vehicles that have deep learning software installed to help automate the scanning of objects into 3D in realtime for use with Archaeology, in museums, city planning or of course the military.

Their middleware application has also caught the astute eye of the iRobot corporation as an investor, possibly for future integration into their next generations of robots. It would certainly allow them to process their environment much better and also much faster. They also say that they are working with NASA as well as Autodesk.

The idea of 3D mapping an environment isn’t new by any means. It’s something that’s used in the GIS and Archaeological world already, but by using GPU’s, and CUDA specifically, to accelerate the processing you can potentially be able to see the data populate in near real-time. And it’s that use of the GPU that’s exciting and new.

Check out the video below to see some of the work that Paracosm has done in action.

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