Pandora Has Confirmed Launch For Apple Music Competitor Later This Year

Ali Salman

Pandora most certainly does not want to stay behind in the music streaming frenzy. To tackle the situation, the platform has launched Pandora Plus which is based upon Pandora One with its unlimited song replays and skips. Moreover, the new platform is an ad-free subscription service which also offers a brand new predictive offline mode for $4.99 per month. Let's see some more details on the subject.

Pandora Is Looking To Target Apple Music With Pandora Plus

Apart from this, existing subscribers with an ad-supported tier will bestowed with the ability to skip and replay songs by watching video ads. If you're wondering what the new predictive offline feature does, it's very simple yet gives a seamless music streaming experience. The new predictive offline mode senses a lost data connection automatically and then shifts the song to one of your top stations. It does not sound fancy at all, but definitely provides a continuous music listening experience.

Other than this, Pandora's CEO, Tim Westergren also confirmed that the company is looking forward to launching an on-demand option "later this year". This will allow the platform to compete against the leading competitors of the industry, such as Apple Music and Spotify.

“We’re methodically and passionately developing the world’s most personal music experience,” said Tim Westergren, founder and CEO at Pandora. “And that includes flexibility in how you listen and what you pay for it. Whether a listener wants to take advantage of our enhanced ad-supported experience, our groundbreaking subscription radio service, or our fully interactive on-demand option coming later this year, we have a solution tailored for you at a price point you can afford."

For now, Pandora Plus and the ad-supported features launch in the United States today and will move to iOS and Android over the next few months. Moreover, the company will expand its subscription based service to New Zealand and Australia by the year 2017.

Currently, the service does not feature an on-demand listening experience like Spotify and Apple Music. It revolves around providing free, ad-supported radio stations which are centered towards particular artists and songs. There is an advantage associated with the radio-like stations that Pandora adopts - the ability to bypass licensing agreements with renowned record labels.

The music streaming service yet has a lot of room to grow and evolve and given that it is planning to rival giants of the industry, the move will definitely bring a lot to the table. This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Pandora Plus? Let us know in the comments.


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