Panasonic Lumix ZS60 Shoots 4K Video, Features EVF, Hybrid OIS, Perfect for Vloggers [Just $249 Today]


Panasonic has currently discounted its ZS60 point and shoot camera. The price is down to just $249.99 and it's a $150 savings which you can bag instantly.

Needless to say that point and shoot cameras are dead thanks to smartphones cameras getting so much better these days. But there is still a use-case for a point and shoot, and that's vlogging. That's where products like the Lumix ZS60 really shine.

This tiny camera is packed with a ton of great features but the one thing you'll love the most about this little snapper is the ability to shoot 4K videos which is ideal if you want to document the things around you in super crispy detail. But that's not all, it even features a 30X Leica optical zoom lens with a variable aperture of f3.3-6.4. If that isn't enough, you'l be pleased to know that this camera can shoot ultra-sharp photos in 18-megapixel resolution as well.


Though this might not shine with every single user out there, but apart from the usual touch-screen LCD display at the back, there's also an electronic view finder. This will allow you to get a more DSLR-like experience if you are snapping photos on the go. You even get an adjustable ring around the lens if you want to adjust things like focus using extremely high precision. Speaking of precision, the autofocus on this thing is lightning fast, allowing you to keep track of your subject in crystal clear clarity.

Things are topped off with a very compact design that is lightweight given the amount of features this thing packs under the hood. If you are interested, you can pick up the deal from the link below. There is no discount code to play around with either.

Buy PANASONIC LUMIX ZS60 4K Point and Shoot Camera - Was $400, now just $249.99