Palit announces Low Profile and Non Reference Variants of GTS 450.

Sep 8, 2010

Palit has announced two new models of the recently introduced GTS 450 Graphic card. Two new variant's which include a Non reference one and a Low power edition were revealed by Palit. Specs and features of them can be seen below.

The Non-Reference Edition of the GTS 450 features the same design as seen on the Palit GTX 460. The PCB on the Non-Reference design is colored Red and is equipped with a fan on the heatsink with a shroud that spans along the length of the card. The Display port includes  two DVI, One HDMI and a Display port. The clocks of the card remain same as the reference one which are 783/1566/900(3600) MHz core/shader/memory. The Sonic and Sonic+ card could be in works which will feature overclocked cards. The card is priced at 136$.

The Low profile variant is a half height card which occupies two expansion slots and looks a bit longer than the full slot card. The Low Profile version also features the same reference clock speeds of 783/1566/900(3600) MHz core/shader/memory. A 192 Cuda Core Count, 1GB GDDR5 memory on a 128 bit wide memory interface. The card is powered by a single 6-pin connector, The price has not been announced yet.