OZONE Announces Xenon Gaming Mouse

European gaming equipment manufacturer OZONE has today announced the availability of its Xenon gaming mouse with a 3500 DPI sensor and will be available in 3 different colors for 29.90 Euros.


European company OZONE keeps growing worldwide and promises to launch several products before the end of the year. In this case, is a gaming optical mouse. After the laser series Radon 3k and 5k, and its latest optical design called Radon Opto, this new series features different ergonomics in order to fulfill the needs of different playing styles. Ozone impresses with its new design, setting aside the curves of Radon series, imposing an efficient, functional and aggressive style, as it is ambidextrous mouse. Feature that will make happy a lot of left-handed players.

Presented at Computex 2012, its quality, finish, choice of colors and ergonomics together with its Avago sensor, makes the Xenon mouse series, a really attractive choice for gamers.

With 4 different accuracy levels, the AVAGO advanced sensor goes up to 3500 DPI. The sensitivity can be changed during the game, and the different levels are indicated by different led colors. Ozone recognizes that competition is important and that technology is essential to improve performance.

Among its main features we found extra-large Teflon pads, up to 30% of the base, which improve the sliding on any kind of surface, side grips for better control of the device and braided cable that provides security and durability to the product.

Ozone Xenon features also configuration software which allow the user to set macros, customize buttons and save up to 5 different profiles. Geared for eSports players, XENON series can be also useful for any PC user who requires extra comfort and a professional performance.

Summing up, Ozone Gaming Gear meets expectations and launch a comfortable optical mouse, versatile, with a fine design and with special attention to technology and performance.

MSRP: 29.90 €

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