Own this 40W Dual USB-C Charger for $28.79 Only

Anker 40W USB-C charger on sale.

The Anker 521 Nano Pro charger with 40W output and dual USB-C ports is currently $8.88 off, bringing the price down to $28.79 only.

Pay Just $28.79 for a Brand New Anker 521 40W USB-C Charger with Dual USB-C Ports

Chances are high that you have multiple devices with you that support charging via USB-C. If you do, and love nothing more than charging everything up at once, that too at full speed, then this deal from Anker is especially for you.

Buy Anker USB C Charger 40W, 521 Charger (Nano Pro) - $37.67, now just $28.79

This charger is extremely straightforward. It is a 40W USB-C with two USB-C ports at the front. This means you can charge up two devices at a time at full speed. If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, both will charge up at 20W speed using each port. But of course, you can charge an iPhone and an iPad together, iPhone and a MacBook, Android phone and an iPhone, and so on.

Compared to something like a 20W charger which Apple sells, it features an almost similar footprint but you get twice the power output which will always come in handy no matter where you are.

Since this is an Anker charger, you can expect it to have all the safety features built right in, ensuring your device charges fast, stays cool and doesn't get damaged in any way. This is something you can't say about many other chargers out there.

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