Original Wired EarPods Going for Just $17.68 Today

Uzair Ghani
Save 39% on EarPods with Lightning connector.

Apple’s wired EarPods with Lightning connector are currently available for a low price of just $17.68, saving you 39% instantly.

Save 39% on the Wonderful EarPods with Lightning Connector and Pay Just $17.68

It’s true that wireless earphones and headphones are all the rage these days, but nothing beats a good old solid wired connection to your phone. This is where the EarPods absolutely win and they cost just $29, if you buy them directly from Apple.

Not anymore though, as you can save 39% on that price without entering any discount code or coupon. And since this is a limited time deal, therefore act fast if you want to save some money today.

Buy Apple EarPods Headphones with Lightning Connector - Was $29, now just $17.68

The best thing about EarPods is how instant they are when it comes to audio transmission. There’s literally no delay at all if you are recording audio messages on services like iMessage or WhatsApp. And EarPods ship with one of the best mics around. In fact, some people swear by it and use it to record podcasts and so much more.

Last but not the least, these EarPods come with a Lightning connector on one end which makes them absolutely perfect for any modern iPhone since the headphone jack is long gone now.

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