OnLive Going Offline, Shutting Down and Sold Patents to Sony


OnLive, one of the first entrants into the game streaming world, is going to be shuttering its doors on April 30th 2015, no longer offering any sort of services whatsoever. This is a move that may not come as a surprise as they have been struggling lately with garnering new business.

OnLive is finally going offline at the end of the month, having sold assets and patents to Sony.

OnLive has been suffering a lack of business in the cloud gaming sphere lately, not being able to keep up with the rising competitors and the cost of running the data centers needed to give a good experience. Thus, they've decided to shutdown permanently and sell off their assets and all their patents to Sony, who already owns OnLive's rival, Gaikai.

OnLive does note that if you've purchased Steam games through them, that they will still be available through Steam, and won't be lost.

It's really no surprise that they're shutting down due to them not having a large platform for which to deliver from. Xbox has their own cloud rendering services that are supposed to help speed up and improve the quality of in-game visuals, but that's funded by the overall Xbox coffers and is a reasonable business expense.

Sony has their PlayStation Now service that is powered by Gaikai and Shinra technologies, but it again has a platform that already has millions of users and the expense is justified by having access to content that no-one else has.

NVIDIA similarly has their wonderful GRID platform, allowing high-quality streaming of video games through their android devices. But this again is a small cost to showcase their own technology as a sort of halo product, and to provide cloud services to an admirably limited number of devices in the wild. The NVIDIA Android products aren't exactly the most prolific, and they are popular, but that means less people to cater to and less hardware they themselves need to run.

The game streaming services are expensive to run, all told, when power, communications and staff are all take into account. It's not an easy business to break into unless its part of an already booming gaming business that has high visibility.

So say farewell to your beloved OnLive account as they shutdown completely on April 30th 2015. All accounts will be deleted, though Steam games will be available on Steam as per usual. Fare thee well in the afterlife OnLine. You'll be missed as one the original game streaming companies.