All OnePlus Devices Are Now Available At A Smaller Price Tag – OnePlus 3 Launch Coming Soon

All OnePlus Devices Are Now Available At A Smaller Price Tag – OnePlus 3 Launch Coming Soon

OnePlus 3 will finally be upon us, which would explain why the company has decided to reduce the prices of its current phone lineup. If you haven’t purchased a smartphone featuring the OnePlus brand name, now would be a very good time to do so.

OnePlus Devices Get A Very Attractive Discount – OnePlus 2 Now Costs $299 For The 64GB Model

On OnePlus’ forums, the following statement has been given by the company:


We’ve got good news for all OnePlus fans: starting today, we’re lowering the price on all of our smartphones. Our focus remains on providing the best possible smartphone experience for you, and what better way than this? We’re all in this together, after all.

So, what’s the best OnePlus device for you? If you’re looking for the smartphone that started it all (but can still keep up with the big boys), the OnePlus One is for you. For a serious technical powerhouse, look no further than the OnePlus 2. Finally, the OnePlus X encapsulates the best parts of our design philosophy, and truly stands on its own as a beautiful, stylish device for every occasion. If you always felt like taking one of our smartphones for a spin, but never got the chance to, this is the perfect time to find out what OnePlus is all about!

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P.S. Just ordered a OnePlus smartphone? Not to worry! Anyone who purchased a OnePlus device within the last 14 days can contact our customer support at to request a refund of the price difference.

Never Settle.”

OnePlus smartphone

OnePlus 2, the Snapdragon 810 powered smartphone with 64GB of internal storage now carries a price tag of just $299. Keep in mind that this particular model features a Type-C USB port and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. As for the remaining devices, which happens to be the Snapdragon 801 powered OnePlus X, this handset carries a price of just $199. While it may only feature 16GB of internal memory, it is the first phone in the entire family to feature a MicroSD card slot that can recognize memory up to 128GB and also the first to feature an AMOLED display.

OnePlus X

One could say that these discounts have been introduced as the company is getting geared up to release its Snapdragon 820 powered OnePlus 3, which is expected to be announced on June 14. Are you guys waiting for the upcoming flagship, or do these discounts suit your requirements? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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