OnePlus and Google Launch Crackables Puzzle Game; Grand Prize Worth $30,000


OnePlus, along with Google launched a contest starting tomorrow called OnePlus Crackables. The first teaser for it hit the web last week, and it revealed little in the way of what it would be. Today,  we’re getting some details on what exactly to expect.

With its tech-savvy users in mind, OnePlus, in collaboration with Google, has developed a challenging series of Android-based crypto-puzzles, open to anyone to participate.
The game was written by Sleep Deprivation Lab, and is comprised of a series of compelling puzzles that need a combination of skill and speed to complete.
Players will be guided through a series of puzzles, both digital and physical, in order to keep progressing. Only the first 1000 people to make it through the first 3 challenges will qualify to continue and have the microcontroller sent to them to become a potential winner.
There will be opportunities to win prizes at multiple stages in the game, but only 1 will be awarded the grand prize, an ultimate gaming setup, valued at $30,000.

The game is played directly on your smartphone through the web browser. The first 1,000 players who manage to get through the three initial challenges will then be sent physical controllers which will be required to continue in the competition. OnePlus has worked with the APAC division of the Google Zoo team to develop this campaign. Google Zoo is a creative team within Google that helps brands and agencies unlock the creative potential of Google technology. Here's a peek at how it looks like.

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The grand prize winner will be awarded an “ultimate gaming setup” which is worth $30,000, although there’s no indication on exactly what that is. The second and third place winners will be awarded other “mysterious prizes.” along with people who make it to the end. Those with early access to the game won’t be eligible to compete for prizes as it is a time-based game. The timer begins on September 18, at 8 am ET. Anyone can sign up for the game here.