Fresh, Alleged OnePlus 6 DxOmark Listing Doesn’t Show A Score But Provides Critical Details For Device’s Design And Form

Ramish Zafar

If there's one thing we can say for sure after analyzing the myriad of OnePlus 6 leaks available, it's that the device will launch sooner than initially expected. Its true predecessor, the OnePlus 5 was launched in June 2017, but the market dynamics are different this year. After Apple's iPhone X and Samsung's refined Galaxy S9 upgrades, it's necessary for manufacturers to get an early start.

This need is further compounded by an excellent Mix 2s from Xiaomi, which makes things as competitive as they can possibly get for flagship smartphones. With that in mind, let's take a look at a fresh OnePlus 6 leak. Head over below for the details.

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Alleged OnePlus 6 DxOmark Image Doesn't Display Device  Score But Corroborates Earlier Leaks For A Squarishly Tall Form Factor

A couple of days back, we were treated to an alleged OnePlus 6 live image with sufficient resolution to allow a good look at its overall design. This demonstrated the aesthetic impact of a display cutout with a tall, squarish form factor visible for the smartphone.

18:9 aspect ratios make for taller smartphone designs, and OnePlus looks to compensate this by making its upcoming smartphone slightly wider. Of course, this deduction is based on visual inspection of leaked images, so don't take it as set in stone.

Now, we've got another image from China, which allegedly belongs to DxOmark. It shows a similar hefty looking device resembling the one present in the aforementioned image leak.

Surfacing from China, this image shows a DxOmark listing for the upcoming OnePlus 6. Sadly, we don't have device score for you today, but this leak is interesting in itself. It might well be authentic since DxOmark reviews devices early on in their launch cycle.  Critical details for the OnePlus 6's design are also visible. Should this leak prove genuine, the smartphone will feature a power button on the right, and slider bar + volume controls on the left.

Speaking of design, OnePlus will also shift to a stacked rear dual camera setup on the OnePlus 6, with a fingerprint sensor directly under it. Given the pace of these leaks, details for a launch date will become clear soon, hopefully. Will OnePlus expedite its flagship smartphone launch this year? All the evidence points to it. We'll find out soon enough. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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