OnePlus 10T Launch Leaves Everyone in Confusion as Some Regions Have IP Rating and Some Don’t

Aug 4, 2022 04:51 EDT
OnePlus 10T Launch Leaves Everyone in Confusion as Some Regions Have IP Rating and Some Don't

Over the past couple of years, OnePlus has been delivering IP ratings in some of the phones but these ratings have been inconsistent, at best. Now, the OnePlus 10T, which was launched just night seems to be having the same issue because the IP rating for the phone is confusing at best.

The OnePlus 10T in the U.S. appears to have an IP54 splash resistance rating. However, in Germany, the phone does not have to have an IP rating at all. So, what seems to be an issue even when we know the fact that the phones are essentially the same?

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The OnePlus 10T Has a Lot of Inconsistencies with Its IP Ratings and the Company Needs to Fix This

It would be safe to assume that the IP certification has something to do with the cost. For instance, there is a reason to believe that the T-Mobile versions of the OnePlus 8, OnePlus 9, and OnePlus 10 Pro had IP68 ratings because the carrier was more than okay with playing the bill for the IP certification.

However, the European, Indian, and U.K. customers are left out because the phones do not have any rating against ingress, which theoretically mean that in those regions, you are getting an inferior OnePlus 10T.

The right thing at this point would be that OnePlus just makes the same phone with the same ratings across the board, just like all the other companies are doing. Locking such a feature out based on regions makes very little sense.

Sadly, the inconsistencies are not just against the IP rating. Last year, the OnePlus 9 had wireless charging in every region except India. Here is to hoping that the company is taking a more consistent approach and bringing the same set of features across the board, in every region.


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