OnePlus 10 Pro Render Shows an Uninspired and Boring Design

Furqan Shahid
OnePlus 10 Pro Render Shows an Uninspired and Boring Design

We have finally entered 2022 and are going to be seeing a lot of exciting devices that will head to retail soon. OnePlus is gearing for something, as well and today we have our proper look at the rear of the OnePlus 10 Pro and honestly, I have some questions.

The leak is coming from trusted Steve H. McFly (@OnLeaks) and the press render shows the device from the back. You get a good look at the camera array, and I think a lot of people are going to show concerns as to how it looks because it does not look as good as some of us would want it to look.

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What Was OnePlus Thinking When Designing the OnePlus 10 Pro?

You can have a look at the render below.

To further prove the authenticity of the design, he also shared a short clip showing the OnePlus 10 Pro dummy that is currently roaming in China.

While it is just a single image, there is still enough to go around about and talk about a few points. For starters, you are looking at a very, very odd camera array in terms of the design. The entire camera island feels like a decision that was made at the last moment and considering how the dummies are already out, I doubt OnePlus would want to change this with the OnePlus 10 Pro.

Another interesting thing to note here is that the Hasselblad branding is still there but we know better not to trust these branding as the actual difference in the image quality is never really there when you compare such branded phones with phones that are without any 3rd party branding.

It is already evident that the OnePlus 10 series will feature the latest and greatest in terms of hardware and software and should be coming out sometime later this year.

Personally, I do not like the camera island at all. It looks like a very badly done job and the design language on the OnePlus 9 series or the OnePlus 8 series was much better and cohesive. 

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