Official Galaxy S22 Firmware Now Available [Download]


It has only been 2 days since the Galaxy S22 series came out and Samsung is already expecting the phone to be a hit. While the preorders have not opened in a lot of countries, a lot of users are still eager to get their hands on the devices and get started with the new epic standard. However, amidst all of this, the official firmware files for the latest trio have started surfacing online.

Unlike Google, Samsung does not really publish the firmware files online so you have to get your hands on these files from 3rd party websites. The good news, however, is that these files are 100% stock without any modification done to the files or the code itself. Flashing these files will not trip your Knox counter and will certainly not void the warranty.

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Download and Flash Official Galaxy S22 Firmware

So, why should you use these files, to begin with? Well, several reasons, to be honest. For starters, I believe one should always have at least one firmware backed up onto their computer in case you run into an emergency. Additionally, Samsung has a habit of rolling out the latest updates in stages, so there are chances that your region might get the update a bit later than some of the other regions. If you are like me and impatient, it is best that you flash the firmware yourself.

You can download the firmware for your Galaxy S22 by checking the links below. They have firmware available for all three models, and more importantly, they are available for both E and B variants; the E and B versions refer to the international and regional variants that are available, and aside from that, there is no difference.

If you want to flash the firmware on your Galaxy S22 manually, you can do so by following this tutorial that applies to all Samsung Galaxy phones and is without any issues.

  1. Galaxy S22: SM-S901B | SM-S901E
  2. Galaxy S22+: SM-S906B | SM-S906E
  3. Galaxy S22 Ultra: SM-S908B | SM-S908E

Remember, the firmware page will keep refreshing as there are newer firmware versions being added so you can always refresh later and find out what the latest version is.