First Official Bulldozer (Zambezi-FX) Details Revealed by CPU-z Author


Creator and Author of the highly successful CPU and Hardware Monitoring software CPU-z "Franck Delattre" has released the first official Bulldozer FX-Processor CPU-z Screenshot. The CPU-z screenshot details a FX-based processors (Engineering Sample) featuring 8 Cores and 8 Threads.

The new CPU-z 1.56.4 will add support for the FX-Series processors. Details in the screenshot show that the CPU is running at a clock speed of 1.4Ghz consuming 0.950V (TDP isn't listed). Either the chip used was part of the older revision which had performance issues or due to power gating feature the cores were down clocked due to idle usage. Socket AM3+(942) has been mentioned and the chip has a total of 8mb L3 cache. The author also detailed some on the new features of Bulldozer CPU's and added CPU-z support as follows:

- Support 2 Module 4-core (FX-4110), 3 Module 6-core (FX-6110) and 4 Module 8-core (FX-8110 8130P) Zambezi processor
- Support for Socket AM3 +
- 32-nm SOI HKMG Technology
- 213 million transistors per module
- Support HTT 3.1 bus (3.2GHz, 25.6GB / s, 16bit bi-directional transmission)
- Supports up to 8M L3
- Fundamental frequency of 3.2GHz (may be higher?)
- Turbo Core (up 1GHz, load up all the core 500MHz)
- Supports a maximum TDP 95W and 125W
- Support voltage VID 0.8V-1.3V
- Support for Advanced Power Management (Power Gating / Clock Gating / Sectored L3)

We also recently reported a 6Ghz model of the FX-8130P processor running at 6Ghz using liquid nitrogen, You don't want to miss that out. Check it here.