First Official AMD Llano Fusion A-Series APU’s Benchmark Performance Detailed at Computex 2011

Ocworkbench has provided a pair of new exclusive AMD Llano Fusion Performance details right from AMD's Computex booth. The performance of the Llano Fusion APU's was evaluated through benchmarks which included 3D Mark Vantage and PC Mark Vantage. The AMD Llano Fusion chips are compatible with the Socket FM1 motherboards featuring the A75 chipset.

In both tests, The AMD A-Series APU's were pitted against three Intel Processors which included an entry level i3 2100 and high end i5 2500/i7 2600 models. In the PC Mark Vantage benchmark, Llano Fusion outperformed the Intel CPU's with the i7 2600K barely beating the A4-3350 with a 100+ Marks. The reason is because AMD Llano Fusion uses Embedded Radeon HD chips with higher stream processors count making then faster then the Intel's builtin GMA Graphics chip.

However, PC Mark turned the things upside down for AMD as the test purely depends of CPU power and that's where the APU's lack a bit, A4-3350($80) performs 2000 points lesser than its 120$ competitor i3 2100, Same goes for the other two A6-3450($110) and A8-3550(150$) which are a couple of points ahead then the i3 2100 but way behind Intel's i6/i7 high end lineup.

The thing is that the little Husky K10.5 chips can be useful for Media oriented PC as they were never intended to chase the High-Mid End Intel lineup, Bulldozer would be released to compete against them and the latter Sandy Bridge-E lineup. Pricing of Llano A-series and Bulldozer here.

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