NVIDIA’s New GeForce GTX560 SE has its eyes on Radeon HD7770

Hassan Mujtaba

NVIDIA is gearing up for the release of its new GeForce GTX560 SE GPU which would arrive for the sub-$200 segment. The new graphics card would be aiming for the recently released AMD Radeon HD7770 which also belongs to the same segment at a price range within $200.

The new GTX560 SE (Special Edition) has similar specs to the GTX555 which is an OEM only product, The 560 has also seen other variations which include the 560Ti, 560Ti-448 Core, GTX560 (460 rebrand) and now the Special Edition.

Following are the specs of the upcoming GPU, Expect it to hit retail soon:

  • Based on 40 nm GF114 ASIC
  • 288 CUDA cores
  • 48 TMUs, 24 ROPs
  • 192-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface
  • 1 GB standard memory amount (asymmetric memory chip arrangement à la GTX 550 Ti)
  • Clock speeds: 776 MHz core; 1553 MHz CUDA cores; 952 MHz (3.828 GHz effective) memory, 92 GB/s memory bandwidth
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