NVIDIA rises to Top 5 on Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list

Jason R. Wilson

Fortune announced the '100 Best Companies to Work For' list, culminating their list from all companies surveyed. The list combines information from workplace conditions, growth opportunities, employee benefits, and more. NVIDIA reached a significant milestone today, jumping to the fifth spot on the list. NVIDIA appeared on the list in 2017 when its position was #39 out of the '100 Best Companies to Work For' list.

NVIDIA gains high honors for the best companies list by Fortune, ranking #5 this year

The creator of graphics processing units bounced into the top 10 this year, inferable from its liberal leave strategies and spotlight on the human association, including through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Toward the finish of 2021, CEO Jensen Huang allowed employees the seven days of Christmas off to re-energize; this year, every worker will get two prescheduled Free Days off work per quarter, notwithstanding government occasions and limitless sick days. Likewise, employees can profit from a liberal representative stock buy program, and Nvidia has focused on pay equality since 2015. Attributable to acquisitions made in 2021, the orientation pay hole enlarged, and the advancement rate for Black workers dropped compared with 2020. The organization has noticed the issue and promises to amend the two cases.

Along with creating the graphics card, NVIDIA excels in the company's focus on accelerated computing — an evergrowing type of computing at the crossroads of graphics, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence— transforming healthcare and manufacturing, transportation, and much more.

Source: Fortune


NVIDIA employs upwards of 9,440 U.S.-based employees in its company. In the recent surveys compiled by Fortune, a staggering 95% of employees agree that the company is a great place to work. The study shows that 97% are proud to be company employees and would not be embarrassed to say so. A large percentage (96%) feel that NVIDIA would only let go or lay off any of their employees as a final option. The management has shown to be not only ethical but honest with each of their staff members, and 95% of employees feel that NVIDIA does a significant amount for the community and would also do what it takes to complete their tasks.

Source: Fortune

The most significant percentage of employees that stay with the company is 34%. Those employees remain employed for as high as five years with NVIDIA.

Source: Fortune

Source: Fortune

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