Nvidia Promises Support For AMD FreeSync – Adaptive Sync Gets Green Light [Updated]


Update: So Nvidia's Senior PR, Bryan Del Rizzo contacted me and stated the following: "Untrue. Solely focused on delivering the best gaming experience with G-SYNC—which is shipping today from leading monitor OEMs.". Looks like Nvidia doesn't support the optional Adaptive Sync after all.

Something pretty strange happened today, apparently Nvidia has agreed to support Adoptive Sync (the technology behind AMD's FreeSync). Nvidia has been acting pretty interestingly lately. They not only released amazingly priced GPUs but are now going to support a direct competitor of G-Sync.AMD Freesync TechSpot Image

AMD FreeSync Gets Nvidia Support - Adaptive Sync Tech Supported by Both Giants Now

Nvidia's G-Sync and AMD's FreeSync are technologies aimed at eliminating the obstacles faced by current display technologies. With this tech, you should be able to view a very low fps or very high fps output without it having stuttering, delay, tearing and much more. Basically, something that should have been common place by now but really isn't. However, G-Sync and FreeSync work completely differently and have not yet been compared side by side in real life. This is because of the lack of Adaptive Sync enabled monitors in the market.

However, it would appear that Nvidia has surprisingly agreed to giving Adaptive Sync and therefore FreeSync its full support. It has also hinted that G-Sync would be a superior alternative and appears to be quite confident in that statement. Although since FreeSync is now part of the VESA standard, it kinda makes sense that Nvidia has agreed to this. By the way, all this was revealed at a secret press conference in San Fransico during GAME24 as reported by Sweclockers.com. There is a relative lack of information surrounding this development but since the folks over at Sweclockers personally attended this event, it is certainly not a rumor.

The publication also states that the new Maxwell GPUs will support the same. This is conjunction with AMD's offering since very specific GPUs will have FreeSync capability. Quoting TTR: “That means brand-new cards like the Radeon R9 280, 280X, 270, and 270X won’t be FreeSync-capable. Nor will any older Radeons in the HD 7000 and 8000 series. AMD tells us these prior-gen GPUs don’t have the necessary support for the latest DisplayPort standard.