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NVIDIA Officially Launches the GeForce GTX 660 Ti GPU – New Weapon of Choice For Gamers


NVIDIA, today finally launched its GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card which offers the best price to performance ratio in mid-range gaming.

The GTX 660 Ti uses the third iteration of the GK104 core architecture codenamed  "GK104-300-KD-A2"Technically, the card features the same specifications as a GTX 670 but a trimmed down 192-bit memory controller shrinks down the performance bar. All in all the GPU has 1344 Cuda cores, 112 TMUs, 24 ROPs.

Just like its bigger brothers, the card comes with a 2GB GDDR5 memory buffer which is slightly unusual to couple with a 192-bit interface but NVIDIA has done so in the past.

The frequency the card operates at stock is 915MHz and 980MHz with the newly added Boost feature in NVIDIA's 600 series graphic cards. Memory runs at the reference 6.0GHz (1502MHz QDR). The PCB features a 4+2 Phase VRM which powers the electrical components.

Due to the same specifications, the card's TDP remains above 150W due to which it still requires two 6-Pin connectors to boot. NVIDIA's also gave the GTX 660Ti 3-Way SLI support, something that was missing on the older GF-114 based GTX 560Ti.

With NVIDIA's 3D-Stereoscopic support, the GTX 660 Ti can run upto four displays simultaneously at 2560x1600 resolution per monitor. Display outputs for this purpose include 2 DVI and a single HDMI plus Display port. Card comes with PCI-e 3.0 compatibility and has support for NVIDIA's latest features such as 3D Vision, 3D Vision Surround, CUDA, DirectX 11, PhysX, SLI, TXAA, Adaptive VSync, GPU Boost, FXAA.

The card is now available globally for an MSRP of $299, Factory overclocked and 3GB models have also been listed for $329 and plus. You can head over to the official GeForce GTX 660 Ti page here for more details.

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