NVIDIA Maxwell Based GeForce Graphic Cards Reportedly Shipping In March 2014

Hassan Mujtaba

According to a report from Fudzilla, NVIDIA Maxwell based GeForce graphic cards will start shipping as early by March 2014. Maxwell which is NVIDIA's next generation GPU that aims to deliver greater performance per watt was already anticipated to launch in 2014.

NVIDIA Maxwell Based GeForce Cards Shipping in March 2014

Sources of Fudzilla seem to confirm that GeForce graphic cards featuring the NVIDIA Maxwell GPU would hit etail and retail outlets by March 2014. This means the availability of GeForce cards which would feature the improved power efficient Maxwell GPU architecture in Q1 2014. Although its a great news to hear but we still can't confirm whether the chip would be manufactured on 28nm or 20nm process. Some rumors point that the early samples will be based on the 28nm process while the high-performance NVIDIA Maxwell chips would feature the 20 nm core.

"Our multiple sources do agree on the Q1 2014 shipping to customers timeframe, but they are not aware if this is another 28nm or first 20nm graphics chip to hit the market. We can only speculate as we don’t know for sure at this point." Fudzilla

It is possible that NVIDIA may unveil more information on their Maxwell core during the GTC 2014 (GPU Technology Conference) on 24th March 2014 so its going to be a pretty interesting event similar to AMD's GPU14 where the announced their Volcanic Islands R200 series lineup. A few NVIDIA Maxwell GeForce chips have also been spotted which include engineering samples of GM108 and GM107 for notebooks which could possibly hint NVIDIA introducing their mobility lineup based on the 28nm architecture first and then introducing their 20nm desktop chips for both GeForce and Tesla markets.

NVIDIA Maxwell would be the first chips to feature a high-performance ARM CPU with multiple cores codename 'Project Denver' and also the first GPU to introduce a unified memory architecture, an approach which has been a success on the next generation consoles and especially the AMD APUs.

Alleged information regarding the NVIDIA Maxwell chips which include possible specifications and performance metrics were revealed a while ago which you can check here but i would advise you to take them with a grain of salt since they aren't confirmed yet.

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