NVIDIA Titan X vs. GTX 1080 Max OC Benchmarks

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Max Stable OC Head to Head Match

For many PC gamers, it’s common to make your big GPU upgrade every few years.  For others, every new generation offers the opportunity to upgrade to the latest and greatest.  But there are a few that will settle for nothing but the best (Fury X/Titan X level Products). These particular PC enthusiasts may find themselves upgrading as each newer, better GPU makes itself available.  As it so happens, we happen to have one such PC enthusiast within the Wccftech community.  It’s the Wccftech user and youtuber, Hardware In-Depth.

A Long Awaited Upgrade

Hardware In-depth has recently upgraded from a GTX 1080 to the brand new ($1200) Nvidia Titan X. Curious to see the gains he’d receive, Hardware In-depth has ran a host of benchmarks with both his GTX 1080 and Nvidia Titan X running their maximum sustainable Overclocks.  Below are his results.

Dat CPU 🙁

System Specs -

  • Mainboard - ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO
  • Processor - Intel Core i7-4770K @ 4.6 Ghz
  • Memory - 16GB G.Skill DDR3 @ 2.4 GHz
  • Power Supply Unit - Antec TPQ-1200
  • Monitor - Acer Predator X34 Curved IPS NVIDIA G-sync Gaming Monitor 21:9
  • Graphics Cards -
  • EVGA Corporation Nvidia GTX 1080FE @ 2.05 Ghz Core / 11 Ghz Memory
  • Nvidia GTX Titan X Pascal @ 1.95 Ghz Core / 11 Ghz Memory

OS related software -

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • DirectX 9/10/11/12 End User Runtime
  • NVIDIA GeForce Driver 369.05

All Benchmarks Settings Maximum Quality


Below the charts are video links to the actual benchmarks that being run.

3D Mark Graphics Scores

Epeen Mark

3D Mark API Overhead

Is this even relevant?

Unigine Benchmarks (4K)

Two Ancient Benchmarks from a simpler time.

Games! At 1080p

Because Everyone Gets a Titan X to Play 1080P

Games! At 1440p

High Framerates are High

Games! At 2160p *wispers* 4K

Is the new Titan a 4K Ultra single card solution? Sometimes.

There You Have it… Nvidia Titan X vs. GTX 1080, Max Overclock

The results are interesting enough.  Is this a worthwhile upgrade?  That’s up to you to decide.  😀

Share your thoughts below…

And now, here’s your moment of Zen.

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