Inno3D Leak Confirms NVIDIA P102-100 ‘Pascal GP102’ Crypto Mining Cards – 3200 Cores, 5 GB G5X Memory, Up To 47 MH/s in Ethereum

It looks like the rumors regarding NVIDIA's Pascal GP102 going EOL hold no truth to them as a recent leak has just confirmed that mining specific P102-100 graphics cards will be hitting the market real soon.

NVIDIA GP102 'P102-100' Crypto Mining Graphics Cards On The Way - 3200 Cores, 5 GB G5X With 400 GB/s Bandwidth, Upto 47 MH/s in Ethereum, 660 Sol/s in ZCash and 879 H/s in Monero

The leak comes from the cryptomining blog who have been tipped that NVIDIA P102-100 mining specific graphics cards will be hitting market real soon. One specific variant has been fully detailed which seems to be an Inno3D discrete board.

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Previously, we have heard rumors that NVIDIA would EOL their enthusiast geared GP102 GPU but that doesn't seem to be the case at all. The P102-100 SKU is based on the GP102 GPU and comes with a new albeit cut down core, aimed at crypto miners. The specifications are unlike what we've seen on previous GP102 cards so let's take a look at them.

The NVIDIA P102-100 'GP102' GPU comes with 3200 CUDA cores that are clocked at a base frequency of 1582 MHz (no boost frequency is mentioned). The graphics card comes with 5 GB of GDDR5X memory clocked at 11 Gbps along a 320-bit bus interface. This means we are getting 400 GB/s bandwidth out of this card. The card supports a PCIe Gen1 x4 interface but comes with the full length PCIe slot. It is mentioned that the card will measure 21.5 cm in length, 12.5 cm in height and will be a dual slot design. The card will additionally feature dual 8 pin connectors to boot.

Inno3D P102-100 Specifications:
– GPU: P102-100
– CUDA Cores: 3200
– Base Clock: 1582 MHz
– Memory Clock: 11 Gbps
– Physical Memory Size: 5 GB
– Memory Type: GDDR5X
– Memory Interface Width: 320-bit
– Memory Bandwidth: 400 GB/s
– Bus Support: PCIe Gen1 x4
– Card Size: 21.5 cm length, 12.5 cm height, dual slot
– Max TDP: 250 Watt
– Power Connectors: 2x 8-pin PCIe

Based on the specifications, Inno3D is mentioning mining rates of up to 47 MH/s in Ethereum, 660 Sol/s in ZCash and 879 H/s in Monero. There are also pictures of the card itself and it looks to be using the Inno3D Twin X2 cooler design with five heatpipes and dual fan design so the card will be running cooler than normal blower variants. There's no I/O on the card nor a bracket as the target market is mining only so those who will be planning to sell these in the used market afterwards will be facing a tough time as there's no general usage purpose for these discrete solutions.

The Inno3D P102-100 Mining graphics card features the NVIDIA Pascal GP102 GPU. (Image Credits: Cryptomining Blog)

Inno3D P102-100 Hashrate
– ETH: ~47 MHS
– ZEC: ~660 Sol/s
– XMR: ~879 H/s

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The mining rates and clocks are preliminary at the moment but since these cards are expected to hit markets soon, we may know more detailed specifications real soon. As for prices, the cut down prices and mining only nature of these cards warrant a lower price tag compared to a 1080 Ti but the current market isn't very generous when it comes to discrete graphics card prices so it's best to wait and see.

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