NVIDIA GK106 Based GeForce GTX 660 PCB Design Leaked

The PCB design of NVIDIA's upcoming and first GK106 based GPU "GTX 660" has been leaked by PHK. Once again we see that NVIDIA opted to choose the shorter PCB design which is also being used on the GTX 670 and GTX 660Ti.

Although the picture is a massive blur fest but still it shows some key features of the board such as a Single SLI connector, Memory chips scattered on the sides and back of the PCB. The VRM area is located near the rear end of the GPU which is powered through a single 6 Pin connector.

It also looks as if the GK106 core is a bit smaller than the GK104 which if you want to try can compare from the following picture:

The GTX 660 Non-Ti as this card would be known of would feature 960 Cuda Cores, 2GB 192-bit memory. Display connectors include 2 DVI, 1 HDMI, 1 Display port. Expect launch in September for a price of $229. In addition to this, GTX 650Ti and GTX 650 are also planned for September launch, More here.

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