Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 Reviewed.

Nvidia's new graphic card "GTX 460" which is based on the GF104 (fermi) Architecture has been reviewed. Different vendors of the card have been reviewed which include both 768 and 1024 Mb Variants. Power Consumption and High temperatures are a thing which one should not worry about with the GF 104 architecture because not only the card draws less power but the temperatures of the card are very good as compared to the GF100 architecture based cards.

As we already know that the 768Mb variant comes with a 192-bit wide memory interface while the 1Gb variant is packed with a 256-bit wide memory interface. Also the cards are really good overclockers as reviewers easily managed to do a 800Mhz clock OC which is 25% higher than the stock while limited memory overclocking due to lack of cooling, however overclocking with this card will be a great treat.

The card is direct x11 compliant and comes with Physx, Direct Compute 5.0, Cuda and 3D Vision Surround. The card packs 336 Cuda cores. Also it has been revealed in the benchmarks that the card performs much better than GTX465 and HD 5830 leaving them behind in dust, Now that's great performance we are talking about when considering a 200$ card compared with a 230$ (HD 5830) and 280$ (GTX465) graphic cards.

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GTX460 1GB

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