NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 (GF106) die pictured.

Hassan Mujtaba

A picture of the upcoming GTS 450 Chip based on the GF106 Architecture has appeared on the Asian tech site Expreview.

The GF106 is pretty small with the following dimensions 15.2mm and 15.7mm and the chip is named as ¡°GF106-250-KA-A1¡å. According to the site, there are reports that two other low-end GPU's will be based on GF106 ¨C, The GTS 445 and GTS 440. Other than that there are no reference designs which means the AICs are going to allowed to design.

The performance of the card is said to be same as the GTX 260 making it a serious competitor to the ATI Counterpart, The HD 5770.


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