NVIDIA Engineering Sample GPUs Will No Longer Show Up in TechPowerUp’s GPU-z Software

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TechPowerUP reveals a new leak-blocking aspect for NVIDIA graphics cards within the GPU-Z monitoring tool. The website is known for its CPU-Z monitoring software, which is used by most board developers, such as ASUS. NVIDIA requested that the group add support so that individuals would reveal leaks about upcoming NVIDIA hardware by leaked information, especially when engineering samples are out in the field for testing and partnering product development.

TechPowerUp's GPU-Z update will attempt to limit leaks about NVIDIA GPU engineering samples

New updates will allow for more prevented information leaked to the public, at least in theory. The website has also chosen to grant GPU-Z its web domain (www.gpu-z.com) so that it can relieve any issues for administrators and ease the blocking of networks.

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With this new implementation by TechPowerUP's monitoring tool, board partners and third parties cannot validate GPU-Z submissions or BIOS info to the website's lofty database.

The website does its part to keep information from spilling into the news. Still, technologies like cameras, smartphones, and even screenshots from a computer terminal will not be able to entirely halt communication from any manufacturer from dropping into the public eye.

GPU-Z 2.48.0 changelog updates are listed below.

  • Added new "DLSS" section to Advanced Tab, which will locate all installed games with DLSS support and report their DLSS version
  • GPU-Z will no longer send traffic to www.techpowerup.com and uses www.gpu-z.com exclusively, which makes it easier for IT administrators to block traffic originating from GPU-Z. All previous endpoints on techpowerup.com will be disabled soon, please update your firewall rules accordingly
  • When an NVIDIA Engineering Sample GPU is installed, GPU-Z will block all network activity (feature request by NVIDIA)
  • Many improvements to Intel Arc detection, sensors, reporting, and specs
  • Renamed Intel discrete GPU power sensor to "GPU Chip Power Draw" to clarify that it does not measure whole board power, but GPU chip power only
  • Improvements to Chinese translation
  • Added detection for Advantech vendor Id
  • Fixed fan speed monitoring on Intel DG1 with newer drivers
  • Fixed RTX 3080 12 GB release year
  • Fixed Ryzen 5800H release date
  • Fixed RV670 die size
  • Added support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 OEM, MX550 (TU117-A), RTX A5500, A5500 Mobile, A4500 Mobile, A3000 12 GB Mobile, A1000 Embedded
  • Added support for Intel Core i5-1230U, several new Arc SKUs
  • Added support for AMD FireStream 9170

If you want to download the updated GPU-Z monitoring tool, you can click here for details and download.

News Sources: VideoCardz, TechPowerUP

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