Nvidia Announces GTX 780 Ghz Cards – Cheaper (At Launch) and Faster than the GTX 780

Usman Pirzada

The arrival of the R9 290X and the Hawaii GPU has ushered in a much expected clash of the titans (overused pun). With the R9 290x and its little brother R9 290 in the round Nvidia is rushing to unleash its new flagship the GTX 780 Ti into the ring but meanwhile it has also improved its standing in the performance charts with the GTX 780 Ghz Edition. Also some samples have appeared on Chinese sites.

780ghz15Image Credits Only: EXPReview

Nvidia GTX 780 GHZ Edition - Syncs with the GTX 780 and GTX 770 Price Cuts

We expect Green to reclaim the top position with the GTX 780 Ti but even the GTX 780 Ghz Edition should make quite a dent in the performance charts. Cheaper than the original GTX 780 at launch and quite faster than the same the GTX 780 Ghz Edition Price (leaked) is around $657. Its good to see that AMD is at the very least keeping Nvidia at its toes constantly.Another very important thing to note is that its not simply an upclocked card. The previously published GTX 780 graphics card utilized the GK110-300-A1 core, However the GTX 780 GHz Edition will be using a GK110-300-B1 core.  Though we are not sure what the B1 revision stands for you would be right in guessing that it means improved stepping, frequency and voltage regulation; ie a more stable silicon all around.

gtx 780 ghz edition Courtesy of EXPReview

Where the specifications of the GTX 780 are concerned, the core frequency of 863MHz from the GTX 780 and above increased to 1006MHz (duh), CUDA cores, texture units and ROP units are the same and naturally the core architecture is 100% the same. However given the increase in frequency the performance should increase dramatically too and the R9 290X should be in for a tough competition already.


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