Nvidia Adds more Cards to the Geforce 700 Lineup – GT 705, GT 710 and GT 720 to be Fermi and Kepler Based

You thought the Geforce 700 Series was over, didn't you ?  Well think again. I am also willing to bet that when asked of an upcoming 700 Series GPU you wold have answered: GTX 790, well, Nvidia has other plans (Does not mean that the 790 isn't coming). We have just received confirmation that Nvidia is adding not one but three GPUs to their Geforce 700 Series. Namely and in ascending order these are the GT 705, GT 710 and GT 720.

An Nvidia GTX 650

Nvidia Geforce GT 705, GT 710 and GT 720 to Debut as OEM Only Cards - To have Fermi and Kepler Cores

So basically what we have here is Nvidia rolling out some low end (and when I say low end, I mean really low end) and almost certainly OEM only products to the Geforce 700 series. Although the GT 720 might get to see the light of retail, the GT 705 and GT 710 will probably only ever appear in pre-made OEM pcs charging people extra because of a 'dedicated gpu' and before this results in a flame war the same thing happens with low-end Radeon. Pardon my presumptuousness but some marketing tactics are borderline illegal. Putting aside my rant, here is the spec sheet of the upcoming arrivals to the Nvidia lineup, which will probably be launched completely stealthily:

Wccftech  GPU Core Core Clock Memory Clock (Effective) Memory Memory Bus CUDA Cores  TMUs  ROPs Transistors TDP
Geforce GT 705  GF119-300-A1 810 Mhz  1796 Mhz 1 GB DDR3  64 Bit   48  8  4 292 Million 29W
Geforce GT 710  GK208-301-A1 823 Mhz  1800 Mhz 512MB DDR3  64 Bit   192  16  8 Unknown Unknown
Geforce GT 720  GK208-301-A1 902 Mhz  1800 Mhz 1 GB DDR3  64 Bit   384  16  8 Unknown Unknown

As you can probably see, the first GPU will probably get beaten by good iGPUs and destroyed by IrisPro and high end APUs (Kaveri). The only reason that justifies their existence are CPUs without iGPUs and the resulting systems which therefore require a dGPU to function. The only card halfway acceptable is the GT 720 and even that because of its relatively sensible core count. The specs of the GT 705 are more or less confirmed, while as the specs of the Geforce GT 710 and Geforce GT 720 are missing some critical figures. The first is based on a Fermi core while the latter two are based on Kepler cores. I am repeating this to kill any speculation that these new arrivals might be Maxwell.


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