Nvidia 455 and 490GTX details appear

Rizwan Anwer

And so the race is on, Graphic card giant Nvidia is expanding their Fermi line even further. With two brand new additions to the family. The 455GTX will be equivalent in performance to the ATI 5700 series. The 455GTX is rumored to have 240 SP and it could use the GF106. Nvidia will need 240SP to compete against ATI's 57xx series. The 455 is set to release in August and the price tag is rumored to be for $200 or lesser.

Nvidia is also planning a new dual-GPU card, the 490GTX. The better thermal characteristics of GF104 means a dual-GPU product is possible with a TDP of under 300W. The card is rumored to be a dual 465 GTX but will that be enough to steal the speed crown from the ATI 5970? with the GF-104 chipset we can hopefully expect lesser power consumption and hopefully better performance. The 490GTX will ALSO come in August and I can already tell that the price of this card will burn a deep hole into peoples pockets.

Source: Guru3D

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