Now You Can Bank in Virtual Reality by Using Mana Interactive’s Dedicated VR Banking App

Mana Interactive

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No longer just a pipe dream, the heretofore elusive Web3-based initiatives are finally starting to make headway where it counts: in the daily life of consumers. One such step is the launch of Mana Interactive’s VR banking app, dubbed the Mana VR.

As a refresher, Mana Interactive is a neobank – one that exists exclusively online – and geared toward enthusiastic gamers. The bank offers a simple deposit account that is paired with a visa debit card. Mana allows gamers to accumulate rewards as they spend money. These rewards can then be redeemed for gift cards, in-game assets, etc.

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Mana Interactive currently offers two account types: the free account allows up to 100 points per month on gameplay, up to 3x boosted rewards on select gaming-related subscriptions and 2x boosted rewards on purchases from the Mana shop, while the Mana Pro account – available for $119.95 per year but currently being offered at a waitlist discount of $69.95 per year – enables up to 500 points per month on gameplay, up to 5x boosted rewards on subscriptions and 3x rewards on Mana shop purchases.

Mana Interactive Infographic

Bear in mind that Mana Interactive has partnered with MVB Bank – a member of the FDIC – in order to provide holistic banking services to gamers. The company earns money through in-store sales and via advertisement of its commercial partners’ products.

Mana VR – The Future of Banking

Mana Interactive’s greatest strength is its ability to provide a unified platform for gamers to store and spend their money, all the while earning enticing rewards from gameplay and purchases.

The Mana VR forms a crucial component of what the company calls the Manaverse – a virtual reality environment for interacting with the Mana banking app. Gamers can now check their account balances, view recent transactions, and do much more without removing their VR headsets!

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By the end of September, Mana Interactive’s VR banking app will be available on Steam VR and Oculus through SideQuest. However, Mana’s VP of Product, Steve Mautone, expressed optimism about exploring further avenues of growth in discussions with Wccftech.

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