Norwegian Retailers Selling Used ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 ROG Strix OC V2 LHR Above Brand New Pricing

Update: The listing has since been removed and appears to have been an error on the etailer's part.

Komplett, one of the largest Norwegian e-sellers of computers and devices, shows two versions of the ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 ROG Strix OC V2 LHR on their website. The first is a brand new GPU that retails for 9,799 Norwegian Krone, or $1,146.48 USD. But, there was a surprising listing for a used version of the GPU, found by Reddit user OryxOski1XD.


The Norwegian website appears to sell an ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 ROG Strix OC V2 LHR-Demo—a used GPU—for 11,499 Norwegian Krone, or $1,754.88 USD. That is over $600 above the cost of a brand new version of the same card.

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Komplett's website goes into further explanation of the product, completely transparent, stating, "The item is demo used / replacement from the supplier." The webstore continues to explain that the product, which there is only a quantity of one being sold, is "possibly worn," may not have the original packaging, the product possibly has dents or scratches due to normal use, and "[m]ay lack accessories that are not necessary for the item to work." There is also a mention of a warranty for the product, but it is unsure if the product will meet the typical warranty by the manufacturer, a possible warranty through the website, or no warranty at all.

Reddit user OryxOski1XD updated a few hours ago after they contacted the website. He states,

A lil update. Spoke to customer support and they are apparently taking it up with someone. Its not the first time this happened with these guys but its worse with other smaller retailers here, where some are selling used 3060 cards for around 1000 usd each and people are buying

It appears that Komplett is not the seller of the used ASUS graphics card after all. The webstore appears to be looking into it, but as of this writing, the prices have yet to change on either product.

This is not the first time we have seen resellers, third party sellers, or individuals attempting to take advantage of the GPU shortage that is still plaguing the world. We have recently reported that the two largest manufacturers, AMD and NVIDIA, do not see an end to the shortage until the second half of 2022 or longer.

It is hard to tell if the used GPU by ASUS is being sold by an individual or the webstore itself. On ecommerce sites like Amazon, they require users to place their individual company/seller name on products that they attempt to sell to consumers. In this instance, it is unclear who the selling party is on the product.

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Wccftech reached out to Komplett for a statement on October 5th. A representative for the computer seller did not contact us until this morning on October 8, 2021. The response to our questioning about the price differences was this:


We are looking into this and will send you our reply as soon as we are finished.

Have a nice day
Customer Care

While waiting on a statement from Komplett, after checking on the two products, the used ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 ROG Strix OC V2 LHR - Demo appears to be no longer available on the company's webstore, stating that the product "is no longer in our range," but does offer alternatives by contacting them directly for other alternatives for GPUs.

Another discovery this morning was that the post on Reddit has been removed by the moderators, to "keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose."

It is unsure as to the removal of the post, unless one of the moderators of the NVIDIA Subreddit was contacted to remove the post by the same representative from Komplett that contacted us or another rep from the webstore. What does not make sense is that the user on Reddit was not being malicious in the post. In fact, the user was quite polite and updated anyone that saw the post that he heard from a representative from Komplett, stating that they were looking into it.

Wccftech will update this story with more details after receiving an official statement from Komplett's representatives.

Source: Reddit, Komplett 

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