Nokia rumored to be prepping Lumia 910

Ammar Malik

Fresh off from CES where Nokia announced the Lumia 900, which is a spiritual successor of Lumia 800 and carries a 4.3" Clear Black display and the same 8MP camera. Lumia 900 is an AT&T exclusive and will not be seeing the outside of USA for a while so naturally Nokia is prepping a global version to offer it to the masses. Rumored as Lumia 910, the phone will come with a massive 12MP camera, which is the first for Nokia after the venerable N8.

Other than the camera the only difference from the Lumia 900 is the lack of a LTE radio. The rest of the hardware is identical. There's no release date known as of yet considering the phone is still a rumor. If Nokia is not planning on releasing the Lumia 900 globally, then the 910 makes sense from marketing perspective.

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