Nokia and Intel Team Up For New OS

Omer Saleem

A weird combination but it is the latest news to hit the mobile industry and fans right before the start of Mobile World Congress 2010 today.

Apparently, the new OS will be called "MeeGo". It will be made after the mating of Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin OS. Both companies are now really feeling the heat from the competitors like Google and iPhone.

The OS will have a back end Unix platform and will take advantage of Nokia's OVI store for competing into applications and entertainment with Google's Market Place and Apple's iTunes.

This new OS will not only be for the mobile phones but in future it will be expanded on to Netbooks and Tablets as well. In the coming weeks we will see how this new partnership works out. We think that they will do just fine 🙂

Via: Mashable

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