No Man’s Sky Beyond Launch Trailer Showcases Expanded Multiplayer and ‘Nexus’ Shared Social Space

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No Man's Sky Beyond, the latest free update in development at Hello Games, is due for release next Wednesday. It will introduce full support for VR devices on both PC and PlayStation 4 VR platforms, but for non-VR fans, the hottest addition is going to be the expanded multiplayer.

Today, alongside the No Man's Sky Beyond launch trailer, Hello Games Founder Sean Murray finally revealed some concrete multiplayer details to the PlayStation Blog. There will be a shared social space called the 'Nexus', for instance. He also said this is far from the end of free updates coming to No Man's Sky.

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In case you still don't have the game, it can be purchased nowadays for around $30 on consoles (PlayStation 4 or Xbox One).

No Man’s Sky Beyond aims to bring a huge range of features together into a cohesive whole, with expanded online, virtual reality and hundreds of changes big and small. We want Beyond to be the best time for new players to pick up a copy, for lapsed players to rejoin, and for the players with a thousand hours save to see the game with fresh eyes.

No Man’s Sky has always been a science-fiction fantasy come true. That feeling of isolation and loneliness as you explore an alien world for the first time continues to be a unique experience.

However, one of the coolest things you will notice from the trailer is what we call the Nexus, a shared social space that brings people together and lets them play with friends or join with random strangers like never before.

Suddenly your ship that you spent 50 hours earning can now be seen by others in the Nexus. Your rare spacesuit and unique helmet can be shown off to other players. Friends and strangers can visit that massive base you’ve been working on.

Progression in No Man’s Sky is so much more meaningful when you can share it with other explorers and so much more engaging when any creations or missions become shareable. Once you meet fellow travellers who knows what space-faring adventures you will go on together.

This is an incredibly important update for us, but it’s also just another step in a longer journey, and we’ll continue to support No Man’s Sky in this way for the foreseeable future.

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