Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes Is Now Available On iOS And Android


Nintendo recently announced that it plans on releasing two or three games every year. With that said, today marks the day of release for the company's Fire Emblem Heroes game. The title is available on iOS and Android, so you can jump right in to your host App Store or Google Play Store and download it for free. The game was first announced in Spring that adopts the tactical role-playing gameplay of the popular franchise. Nonetheless, there are several tweaks centered towards mobile devices, so let's check them out.

Fire Emblem Heroes Launched On The iOS App Store And Google Play Store

Since smartphones have a smaller display, the game has been designed and tweaked accordingly. As for how the game operates with your specific character, you attack by tapping and dragging your allies over the enemy forces. The rock-paper-scissor weapon type mechanism plays a great role in attacking power when engaged in a battle. The "Story Maps" is where the main game operates and this is where you will fight through enemy defenses to accomplish tasks and objectives. This will eventually allow you to gather Orbs to call upon classic Fire Emblem characters and fight for them and engage in battles.

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Fire Emblem Heroes will be a free to play title, but Nintendo has yet not confirmed for what else will be available in the in-app-purchases section of the game. The Orbs that you gather are one of the main monetization points of Fire Emblem Heroes. Players can also choose to skip earning them through Story Maps. However, they can boost items in the game shop.

There is an Arena mode included in the game as well. This mode allows players to fight against rivals from around the world and earn high scores, get exclusive rewards and raise their ranks. In addition to this, the Training Tower will allow users to sharpen their skills with randomly generated maps. There are other abundant features part of the game, so do check it out.

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For more information regarding the gameplay on the official website for Fire  Emblem Heroes. The game is simultaneously being launched on iOS and Android. The roll out has begun in different regions, so do stay put if it has not arrived on your handset just yet.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Fire Emblem Heroes launching on both iOS and Android? Are you anxious to try it out yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes For iOS

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