Nintendo Switch Homebrew App Allows Streaming Of PC Games

Francesco De Meo
Nintendo Switch

Ever since the Nintendo Switch original announcement, players were wondering if it could be possible to stream PC and other console games on it. This hasn't been possible so far, but a new homebrew app released recently finally makes the dream come true.

The Nintendo Switch In-Home-Switching app has been developed by GBAtemp forums members jakibaki, and it allows players to stream any PC game on the Nintendo Switch. The app also runs quite well, reaching around 60FPS and 720 under good conditions. Performance is enhanced by overclocking the console.

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On your PC you need Windows 8 or higher, Linux support is planned.
- Install these drivers (installer is at "Driver Installer/ScpDriverInstaller.exe").
- Download the release from here and unpack the zip where ever you want it.
- Copy and run the NRO from the Switch-folder to your Switches SD-Card.
- Run the "In-Home-Switching.exe" from the "Windows"-folder on your PC and enter the IP-Address of your Switch (can be found in network-settings).
- Click on the big "Connect"-Button and enjoy! :)

Please note that in order to help performance we overclock the switch.
As far as we know this is pretty safe but we're not responsible for any damage that might come to your hardware.

While the app is now released, work is hardly done. The developers are planning to add more features in the future, like stream PC audio to Switch, option to disable Switch Overclocking, mouse emulation and more. Additional information on the app can be found here.

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