Analyst Predicts Nintendo Switch Price; “Likely A Big Success” But Pricing And Specs Matter


According to everyone’s favorite analyst, Michael Pachter, the Nintendo Switch will likely become a “big success” and it will give Nintendo its charm back.

Pachter said as much in a set of Tweets following the reveal of Nintendo’s new platform earlier today. Judging from his tweets, Pachter is quite positive about the Switch, but its success will depend on Nintendo’s pricing.

Pachter guesses that Nintendo will sell the Switch for $200 to $250 USD including a docking station and extra controller.

Following his Tweet, a Twitter user replied that $ 349 would be a more realistic price, but according to Pachter, this will be considered too high if the Switch is comparable to the PS4 in power. However, higher specs could support a higher price.


Pachter adds that he has seen enough of Nintendo’s new platform to be confident that the company will get its “mojo” back.

Do you think Pachter is right on this one? What would be a realistic price tag for the Nintendo Switch? Do you think the specs are in line with the current-gen consoles? In any case, we're hoping that the Switch will become a success.