Nexus Chargers Are Dangerous, But Not Fatal To Your Smartphones


It is always recommended that you use the exact same charger that’s bundled with your phone (unless of course it’s an aftermarket charger), especially if you’re is possession of Nexus chargers. According to a latest tests, there are no safety measures added if you decide to use a Nexus charger to charge a different smartphone.

There Are No Safety Measures Added In Nexus Chargers So Caution Is Advised When You Decide To Plug In Another Smartphone

While Nexus chargers will not fry the smartphone’s charging port, it is still advised that you proceed with caution when you’re using them to charge a different smartphone. A video given below shows that Nexus 5X’s charger is apparently without a failsafe when it delivers the 5V/3A rating. Robust, and might we add expensive wall chargers have built-in safety measures added in order for you to prevent any irreparable damage done to your expensive investment.

The above current rating is a bit high and despite the fact that the voltage rating is completely fine, one other factor should also be taken into consideration; the gauge of the wire you’re using to charge your smartphone. A wire with a smaller gauge will be able to transfer less current and if you’re going to use a charger that delivers high amperage and that too without safety measures, it could end up causing irreversible damage to your smartphone since the gauge of the wire will be too small to transfer sufficient amounts of current.

Nexus 6P

Most manufacturers advise against using different phone manufacturers’ charging accessories with other devices, but you can still invest in a reputable company that mass produces aftermarket chargers and accessories since they are universally compatible and also have a ton of safety measures added in there. Be sure to watch the video we have given below, so that you have made yourself knowledgeable on what to do if you have a different smartphone and when you’re in possession of Nexus chargers.