Newegg Angers Loyal Customers In Its Efforts To Reduce Scalping

Alex Casas

For anyone looking to build a new computer, Newegg has always been one of the most reliable online retailers to look for the newest components. The launch of any new component always has the market in a frenzy to buy them and Newegg has been known for its combo deals. The newest products always came in combo deals and Newegg has continued to that for years. The combo deals were basically the only option when it came to buying the latest components. This year is no different with the latest Nvidia RTX 30 Series graphics cards appearing in combo deals.

Newegg's New Policy Does Not Allow Partial Returns Anymore On Certain Combo Deals

The revision to the return policy has changed the dynamic of the combo deals. In previous years, buyers could return the components they did not want and keep the part they wanted. HotHardware saw the change and noted that certain combo deals now have to be returned fully in order to get a refund. Previous customers could only temporarily pay an inflated price and then return the part they did not need, but Newegg's thinking was that this would limit the scalping and bot issue. The parts were still ending up on eBay and it was not the solution they needed.

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The issue here is that the solution to this problem is a double-edged sword. Actual customers are angry because they now can not get the part they want without having to keep the other parts included in the combo. If they kept the old policy, scalpers and bots could still get the parts. Companies like Microcenter and BestBuy are doing a much better job with it. Microcenter is taking IDs and limiting the cards or processors a single person can purchase in a month and BestBuy is adding the extra hassle of in-person pickups. Newegg may not have these options, but they can use it as inspiration. Options that Newegg could consider are IP restrictions or even only allowing verified accounts to purchase a limited amount of cards. A surefire verification method that is tried and trusted would be a phone number.

Newegg is not handling this issue well and their loyal customers are not happy with how they are handling the issue. Scalping will always be an issue, but better methods can be implemented that will both reduce the effect of scalping and please their loyal customers. More information on the scalping market and part shortage is available here.

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