New Telegram Update Brings Video Stickers, Better Reactions, and More


Telegram happens to be one of the most active messaging apps, both in terms of user base and the development of the app. The company is known for pushing really good updates and quite frequently, as well. Allowing you access to new and innovative features, as well as implementing brand new APIs and more. The latest version (8.5) is now available, and it brings a number of new changes including video stickers, better message reactions, bug fixes, and a lot more.

The announcement of the new update was made by Telegram on the blog post stand it has highlighted the following changes that are coming to the app.

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Video Stickers

Perhaps one of the biggest changes coming to the app is the ability to make video stickers on Telegram. You also get access to a manual that will tell you how to do everything you need to do.

Improved Message Reactions

In the last update, Telegram brought iMessage-esque reactions and in version 8.5, the company has made the animations more compact. Those who are looking to react with the larger effect of the previous version can do so by pressing and holding a reaction in the menu.

Additionally, the reaction animations are now synced on both ends of the chat. One more thing is that you get a badge that appears outside a chat when someone reacts to one of your messages.

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You are also getting new interactive emojis, so there is that that you can look forward to.

Other Tweaks and Fixes

In addition to that, you are also getting a bunch of changes that you can read about below.

Our developers spent two weeks in January focusing completely on fixing known issues in Telegram apps. Among other things, they improved call quality, added support for translation to Instant View pages (and bios on iOS), added the option to send silent messages from the sharing menu – and dozens of other improvements.

On iOS, you'll also notice new animations when tapping icons in the tab bar.

Telegram v8.5 is now rolling out to both iOS and Android. You can download and try out all the new features.