New Screenshots Surface For Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered


Final Fantasy X/X-2 is going to be remastered, and though there hasn't been much in the way of information regarding the upcoming remaster, some new screenshots showing off 1080P and improved graphics have made there way into the wild.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 shown off in very high detail with new fantastic screenshots.

Thankfully a user on NeoGaf, X-Factor, was kind enough to post these wonderfully rendered photos. The 12th of May will mark the re-release of a highly detailed remaster of Final Fantasy X/X-2 for the PS4 in North America. So far the remaster looks to be rather nice, with a good use of high-resolution textures and more updated particle effects. Square Enix also seems to have kept the original art style so as to not destroy one of the core tenants of the game.

Indeed, the original underlying game is all the same with no changes aside from the graphical enhancements that are necessary to make it a part of the PS4 family. Everything else, including the iconic music, will remain.

But will the remastered graphics be enough to entice us to buy this game again? Final Fantasy X/X-2 has already been re-released before on the PS3 and the PS Vita, so what makes this particular version worth the price? It seems that Square Enix is capitalizing on nostalgia in the worst possible way. Instead of letting their older versions proliferate and encouraging the market to enjoy an older game for what it is, they're updating it regularly and selling it as a new game.

Thankfully Final Fantasy X/X-2 was a fantastic game that does warrant a replay with better graphics. Especially if you've never had the chance to enjoy it.

But does that "remastered" tag hold as much weight as it might have once done? Or is perhaps the meaning becoming diluted as more and more companies sign on to remake their past successes in lieu of actually having new and fresh ideas.