New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Reveals Two New Pokemon and New Trainer Customization Options

Sep 5, 2019 03:01 EDT

The Pokémon Company has shown off a new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer during today’s Nintendo Direct, showing off two new Pokemon and new trainer customization options.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, players will be able to customize trainer clothing. Trainer customization won’t be limited to outfit tops and bottoms, but players will also be able to change makeup, hairstyles, gloves and more.

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Two new Pokemon from the Galagar region were revealed; flying/water type Pokemon Cramorant and Ghost Pokemon Polteageist. Cramorant is able to perform the unique Gulp Missible ability, while Polteageist uses 'Weak Armor' as special ability.

Also shown off in the trailer is the game’s camp feature where players can go to play with Pokemon. Players will also be able to visit camps of other players and interact with the other player’s Pokemon.

You can watch the brand-new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield down below:

Pokemon Sword and Shield is scheduled for a release on November 15 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.