New Days Gone PC Massive Hordes Mod Makes Them Even More Challenging

days gone pc hordes mod

A freshly-released Days Gone PC mod makes hordes in the game even more challenging.

Hordes in Days Gone can be rather challenging, but for hardcore players who can’t get enough of the countless swarmers, there’s a mod that makes them even bigger. Created by modder ‘Aigmir’, the ‘massive challenging hordes’ mod for the game’s pc version packs different tiers and variants (as intended by the game’s developer).

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In general, hordes in Days Gone include 50 to 500 swarmers, occasionally mixed with mutations. The mod increases that number with a range between 280 and 600 swarmers. The modder has also included 500 and 750 hordes everywhere versions to increase the difficulty even further. Six tiers are currently included in the mod:

Tier 0 200 ( Little Bear Lake Horde - Because obvious its smallest original and sleep in very small house 🙂 , gonna look redicilous as it is (sleep outside hous or on top of heads others)

Tier 1 ( Cascade Region ) 280 (boss horde - 320) Grotto Caves Horde

Tier 2 360 (Belknap Region) (boss horde - 400) Patjens Lakes Horde

Lost Lake Tier 3 (Lost Lake Region) 440 (boss horde - 480) Metolius Lava Cave Horde

Tier 4 (Highway 97 Region ) 520 (boss horde - 580)  Lobert Draw Ridge Horde

Tier 5 (Crater Lake Region ) 600 (boss horde - 670) Mt. Bailey Horde

Down below you’ll find some videos of the hordes mod in action.

Those interested can download the Days Gone PC massive hordes mod from Nexusmods.

Days Gone is available globally now for PC and PlayStation 4 (PS5 through BC). As expected, this mod only works with the PC version.

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