New Build Alert: Windows 11 Preview Build 22572 for Dev Channel


Microsoft has just released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572 for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel, who are currently testing the future updates for this new Windows desktop operating system.

Today's release brings quite an extensive set of improvements and fixes. It also includes the addition of Microsoft Family and Clipchamp as inbox apps. The Windows development team added that Windows Insiders can now try out the new Microsoft Defender preview (English and U.S. only for the preview).

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Here is what's new with Windows 11 Insider Build 22572

Microsoft Family is now an inbox app:

The family safety features you use on web and mobile are now available on Windows 11 starting with this build with the Microsoft Family app. Set parental controls to filter inappropriate apps and games and set browsing to kid-friendly websites for Microsoft Edge. Help your kids balance their screen time activity on Windows, Xbox, and Android and use activity reporting to better understand your family’s digital activity. Stay connected even when you’re apart with family location tracking.

The Microsoft Family app for Windows 11.

The Microsoft Family app for Windows 11.The Microsoft Family app will only be an inbox app on the Windows 11 Home edition and will be updated via the Microsoft Store. Windows Insiders who are on Windows 11 Pro can go to Settings > Accounts > Family and download the Microsoft Family app from the Store. Let us know what you’d like to see in these updates to help you better care for and empower your family!

Clipchamp is now an inbox app:

Clipchamp is our new video editor focused on making video creation easy, fast, and fun. Clipchamp is equipped with all the basic tools you’d expect, like trimming and splitting, as well as more pro-style features like transitions and animated text. For real-time content capture, there are also built-in webcam and screen recorders.

Clipchamp’s video editing experience with the timeline.

But what really sets Clipchamp apart from other video editors is its timeline. Normally, this is an interface reserved for pros because it offers more control (and complication) than the everyday editor can handle. When it comes to Clipchamp, however, things are delightfully different. We’ve kept all the best parts of timeline editing — the flexibility, the ability to fine tune details — and done away with the rest. The result is a refreshingly simple video editing experience anyone can enjoy.

The highlights don’t stop there — in Clipchamp, users will discover more unique offerings, like a stock library filled with more than a million royalty-free videos, audio tracks, and images that can be added to videos. There’s even an Azure-powered text-to-speech generator capable of creating voice overs in more than 70 languages. And, speaking of Microsoft integrations, Clipchamp also connects with OneDrive, meaning you can import files and save videos quickly and securely.

To start creating your own videos, look for Clipchamp in the Start menu on your PC.

Coming Soon

Search highlights in Windows 11

Starting early next week, we will begin rolling out an update for Search in Windows 11 that highlights interesting moments in time. Search is right there on your taskbar—your window to discover what’s trending online, in the world, and in your organization. Of course, you can still type to start searching for your apps, files, settings, and quick answers on the web.

The search box in Start and Search will periodically update with content, including fun illustrations, that help you discover more, be connected, and stay productive. These hints in the search box give you a sneak peek into what to expect in search home.

Search highlights will present notable and interesting moments—like holidays, anniversaries, and other educational moments in time both globally and in your region. You’ll find rich, bold content in search home that highlights what’s special about today.

Search on the taskbar showing an updated experience for Earth Day. Includes relevant content and illustration in the search box and content relevant to Earth Day in search home.

To dig deeper, you can explore additional content in search home related to today’s moment and daily content like word of the day, Microsoft Rewards offers, trending searches, and more. Each day features something different to learn about! The left side of search home also shows an extended list of your recently launched apps, files, settings, and websites to help you get back to what you were doing last.

Search on the taskbar showing an updated experience for an organization, Contoso. Includes relevant content and illustration in the search box and the organization’s people chart in search home.

Signing in with your work or school account enables Search to be your one-stop-shop for your organization’s files and contacts through Microsoft Search. Search highlights will feature the latest updates from your organization and suggested people, files, and more. Explore files that may be of interest to you or browse through your organization’s people chart. As always, just start typing to find everything related to your organization, right at your fingertips using Search.

You have control over the search highlights experience where if you prefer not to see this, you can turn it off or back on in Settings > Privacy & security > Search settings and toggling “Show search highlights”. For organization administrators, there are additional controls available in the M365 admin center. You can learn more about those policies here: Policy CSP – Search.

Search highlights is also coming to the Windows 10 search box where you’ll be able to get the same updates in the search box and search home. Stay tuned for more information in an upcoming blog post when we begin trying out this experience with Insiders on Windows 10 in the Release Preview Channel.

This feature will begin rolling out early next week and won’t be available to all Insiders right away as we plan to monitor feedback and see how it lands before pushing it out to everyone.

Windows 11 Insider Build 22572: Changes and Improvements


  • The new Print Queue has an updated design to align with Windows 11 design principles, allow you to easily identify your desired print job, see the status, and manage it. The feature is designed with simplicity in mind, and to allow you better access to your print jobs. To get started, just click print and watch the Print Queue pop up.

    A print job showing in the new Print Queue in dark theme.
  • Quick Assist now has a new Fluent-style icon.

    The new Fluent-style Quick Assist icon.


  • Building off the Focus changes announced in Build 22557, we have updated the icon for Notification Center when do not disturb is set to on.

    Updated icon for Notification Center when do not disturb is on.

[File Explorer]

  • Shift + Right-clicking in File Explorer and the Desktop will now open the “Show more options” context menu.


  • Narrator natural voices are now available for all English languages.


  • Windows Terminal is now called Terminal under Start.


  • WMIC is now available as an optional feature that can be uninstalled or reinstalled via Settings > Apps > Optional Features.
  • Switched the touch keyboard icon option under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar from being a toggle to now being a dropdown where you can select Never, Always, or When no keyboard attached.

[Windows Sandbox]

  • Windows Sandbox now has a new Fluent-style icon.

    New Fluent-style icon for Windows Sandbox.


  • The legacy version of Windows Media Player available in Windows Tools has been renamed to Windows Media Player Legacy.

Microsoft Defender is now in preview

Windows Insiders can download and preview Microsoft Defender, a new Windows, Android, and iOS app that helps protect you and your family’s data and devices against online threats. Key to Microsoft Defender is the ability to view and manage your online security in one central dashboard view, across your devices, and your family member’s devices. Plus get added malware and phishing protections on your mobile devices. The ability to view your family’s devices is currently only available in the Windows app. The Microsoft Defender preview is available in English and U.S. only for the preview.

The Microsoft Defender preview on a Windows 11 PC and Android phone.

There is also a long list of fixes and some known issues; to check the complete notes, head over to the official blog post.