Nemeio Shows off their Customizable Keyboard, Set for Release in 2020

Source: TechPowerUp

Nemeio's E-Ink keyboard was shown last year at CES 2019, but at CES 2020, Nemeio at CES 2020 showcased two different versions of the E-Ink keyboard. These samples are much more finished samples than the sample shown at CES 2020.

Nemeio has shown off more of the E-Ink Keyboard, which offers a tremendous amount of customizability.

The E-Ink Keyboard that Nemeio has displayed at CES 2020 is the fruit of three years of research and observation of the usage habits of peripherals. Each key has a customizable E-Ink display, which allows each profile to change what the buttons show when changed from the software.

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On their website, Nemeio showcases three different sample profiles, one being for Adobe Photoshop, one profile for Microsoft Word, and a profile featuring a different language. This feature showcases what I would think is a fantastic feature allowing these keyboards to display different languages with little to no issue using Nemeio's software.

Nemeio Software

Source: TechPowerUp

The Software that this Keyboard utilizes is fantastic, allowing for specific shortcuts along with Icons to be displayed on the keyboard. This software also shows your favorite configuration automatically, depending on the software that you're using if you choose to do so, you can manually change the configuration at any time.


Since the Nemeio is easy to set up, this keyboard is Plug & Play. This Software and keyboard also offer support for both MAC, PC smartphone, and tablet. For power, this keyboard can be powered with its USB connector, which also serves at a way to connect this keyboard to your PC, or you can connect this keyboard through Bluetooth. With the rechargeable battery letting you work where ever you want to, and the smaller size allows for the portability to carry this keyboard with you.


With the Backlit E-Ink screen, this type of screen is ideal for long term use as the E-Ink screens reduce eye strain during the day and at night. If the brightness is not excellent, the light intensity and the overall size of the characters shown on the screens are entirely customizable. The keys themselves are comfortable and silent, making the Nemeio, the right keyboard for office work, or home use.

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