Naughty Dog Talks About Drake’s Struggle Between Family & Passion


Despite the small delay from March to April, Nathan Drake is still about to come back for his last adventure in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, one of this year's most anticipated titles (the most anticipated for our staff, actually).

Eurogamer had the chance to speak with Game Director Neil Druckmann and just posted a lengthy interview, which delves into several aspects of the upcoming game. We've highlighted one particularly interesting tidbit about Nathan Drake's ongoing struggle to balance his friends and family with his adventuring passion.

The heart of this is Nathan Drake's - and maybe an artists' - struggle: how do you balance your relationship with your family and friends, and your passion, the thing you're willing to dedicate your life to and make big sacrifices for? If you look at Nathan Drake, he has dealt with obsession his entire life. Whether it's El Dorado in Uncharted or Shangri-La in Uncharted 2 or Iram of the Pillars in Uncharted 3, those have been major obsessions for him and we've seen it hurt his relationship. We've seen how between each game his relationship with Elena falls apart.

There's something that happens there in that gap that was really interesting for us. That's what we want to get into. Because maybe you can't have both. Maybe you can't have your family and that passion and the obsession.

When we start this story, Uncharted 4, with the scene we showed [at PSX] today, you see Nathan Drake is living what's for him a very mundane life. Maybe he's not doing what he's meant to do. And it might not take much for his brother just to lure him back in.

And then every level, every character interaction, it's like, are we always coming back to that? Everything has to get filtered through - is this building on that theme? Are we presenting different arguments of how you handle this kind of conflict in your life.

This is a very enticing topic to explore, especially since most of us can relate to similar challenges in our everyday's life. After all, it is quite common for passions and affections to be in conflict with one another.

After playing The Last of Us, I am quite hopeful that they'll get this right. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will launch on April 26/27/29 (NA/EU/UK) exclusively for PlayStation 4.