MSI Unveils The MPG SEKIRA 100 Series – A Luxurious Looking Case With Plenty Of RGB

Illuminate new possibilities and surpass your limits the MPG SEKIRA 100 Series. MSI’s SEKIRA Series had always embodied luxury and this time is no exception. For components clearance, the MPG SEKIRA 100 Series has GPU length up to 340mm, CPU cooler length up to 170mm, and PSU length up to 250mm. Crafted with quality materials and loaded with a bunch pragmatic features dedicated to the needs of gamers, this mid-tower chassis reaches for the stars with a design that is destined to unleash peak performance for you.

MSI Unveils Its MPG SEKIRA 100 Series PC Case - A Tinted Glass Case With Plenty Of ARGB Lighting To Flaunt

When it comes to exterior design, the MPG SEKIRA 100R's front panel is constructed with flush sheets of aluminum and tinted glass to showcase its beautiful ARGB lighting. On the other hand, the MPG SEKIRA 100P’s monochromatic front panel illustrates its modest aesthetics while maintaining the ubiquitous theme of the highest of standards. This further demonstrates attention to material quality and dedication that went into the product design of the MPG SEKIRA 100 Series.

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he MPG SEKIRA 100 Series' I/O port is also made all the more powerful and convenient. By bridging a USB Gen2 Type-C port with 10 Gbps, you can swiftly synergize MPG SEKIRA 100 Series with an MSI motherboard. If you want a mature and well established MSI gaming ecosystem, you can pair the MPG SEKIRA 100 Series with an MSI graphics card and MSI’s MAG CORELIQUID Series liquid coolers. The MPG SEKIRA 100R comes with four ARGB fans that will stun onlookers with its lighting effects. Furthermore, on the I/O port, you can quickly control the fans' color and lighting effects with Insta-Light Loop at the touch of a button. Click through the lighting color profiles at ease and choose your favorite.


The MPG SEKIRA 100 Series has many hardware features that make it both capable and high performing. One unique feature of the MPG SEKIRA 100 Series is the top vent lid. The top vent lid provides additional system airflow and protection to the chassis. You can uninstall by unlocking the two screws at the back and then pulling it off. By taking off the top vent lid, you can see the screwless tempered glass window underneath. The screwless tempered glass window is held with a locking mechanism that is further secured with the sliding top vent lid.

By taking off the top vent lid, the magnetic dust filter that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes is also revealed. To prevent dust from entering the system of the MPG SEKIRA 100 Series, a total of three filters have been placed around.

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