MSI Twin Frozr II Edition GTX 465 and GTX 470 Announced.


MSI has announced its upcoming graphics cards which will use the MSI's Twin Frozr II Thermal Design. The cards are Nvidia GTX 465 and GTX 470 which will use the custom designed PCB by MSI and that's not it. MSI has also unveiled a new GTX 465 Twin Frozr II Golden Edition graphic card which will use a full copper design. MSi claims that it's Twin Frozr II cooling design is 16C cooler than the reference design and reduces noise by 21.5dB. The cards come with all the other features of Nvidia GPU like , Dx11, PhysX, Cuda and 3D Vision Surround.

The Twin Frozr II PCB features a large aluminum fin array with five huge heat pipes which transfer heat from the GPU to the Fins. From there the Hot air is thrown away by two fans on the PCB which adjusts quickly to decrease temperatures and supports the "SuperPipe" technology. All of this helps keeping the temps low and the fans being quite reduce noise.

The card's also come with High c-Cap solid capacitors which can run 8 times longer than the normal capacitors. These will increase the overall stability of the card, improving the performance of the GPU. The card comes with Overvoltage and MSI's Unique overclocking software "Afterburner". These with improved cooling sure will give much better overclocks than reference design's.